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Gone Forever

'Gone Forever ' is a collection of paintings about the environmental impacts of industry. The exhibition includes more than 20 paintings. The exhibition has been shown in the Berlin Tower Artspace in Kitchener Ontario, October 2023 and at the Ayr Public Library for 3 months up to January 2024. In October 2024 an expanded show will be open at NOTL Pumphouse Gallery.

Journey with Carol to what is and what could be. The crisp clean taste of water, ponds teeming with life, burrowing creatures popping in and out of dens, fruitful working farms with fields of rye that sway in the wind. Turning the corner, we come upon the unrelenting hum and grind of the gravel pit. Chasms of terraformed man-made gorges. Dust and rocks jostling out of the back of large trucks which speed past our homes. All along country roads are application signs announcing new mines are springing up.

The ability to change the course of unbridled destruction has been taken away by corporate greed and government policy. The future of our water and food supply is at stake. When clean water, endangered species, and farmable land is gone, it will be gone forever.

Calls for clean air, protection of our environment and food source goes unheeded. What will be the legacy left behind for future generations?

Carol shares her thoughts and feelings in the hope that others will also relate to these musings as presented in the collection of works. Bringing awareness to the environmental issues that are current and relevant is a key motivation behind the creation of 'Gone Forever'

Of the eighteen paintings, eight relating to our precious ground water will be hung in a row, creating a flow from one to the next in a chronology of the impact of excavating. Four panels on the power of corporations will be hung together to create an impression of dominance; entitled ‘Legion of Lawyers’. While other paintings celebrate the tremendous gift of prime farmland that we enjoy in our region... vs the impact of industrial operations.

Inquiries are welcome.

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